Vegan Lips

Last night I turned on the radio when I was driving home from the other yards. It was the Clive Bull Show on LBC and they were talking about the appointment of Kerry McCarthy to Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and how outrageous it was that a vegan would be put in charge of this position.

I have a very limited understanding of politics but surely it is as outrageous to me as a vegan for a non vegan to continually be appointed to this position as it is the other way round. In other words, I care about the environment, I eat food and I have a vested interest in rural affairs but someone who knows or understands very little about my lifestyle and ethics is generally appointed to represent something as important as this is to me.

However, what I was more shocked about is the the continual attitude – including that of the presenter himself – towards veganism and the idea that you cannot live healthily without animal derivatives flooding your system at every possible opportunity.

What I do see as a very good thing is that with Kerry’s appointment the word ‘vegan’ seems to be on everyone’s lips – just wish they could follow it through with their stomachs too!

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