#milehighvegans have to eat as well

Dressed in a Cow suit I traveled all round the world last week and ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 6 Continents – would have been 7 Continents but the plane to Antarctica was unable to land due to fog and so had to go back to Chile – where I ran the 7th marathon making it 2 in South America !!

Traveling on 6 different airlines to and from Australia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Tunisia, North and South America AND having pre-ordered a vegan meal for all travel, not a single one of the airlines were able to comply.

Some were more helpful than others and some were downright rude and abusive. There were 6 Airlines in total involved.

How hard would it be for an airplane to have on board say 10 Expedition type meals which were vegan and gluten free.

This would cover just about every type of diet and requirement and it would be easy to prepare too. Just add hot water and it is done. Yes, it would not be that appetizing but it would, at least, be nutrition.

I have come back from this trip 4 kilos lighter than I left and had very little food along the way. I did take a certain amount of food myself as I knew snacks during running would be difficult and I did take some Expedition food which I intended to use in Antarctica but had used up by New York.  You have to bear in mind we were on a tight budget re luggage and space in bags so I couldn’t take that much and we never really stopped long enough anywhere to get anything.

On one Airline the Supervisor actually made me cry (I was so tired and hungry after having had no sleep for nearly a week and running over 130 miles) as she proudly confirmed there was nothing suitable on the whole plane for me to eat the entire 13 hour journey. This particular Airline actually ran out of water for the passengers too. Not ideal for a National carrier!

The staff seem to have a total lack of understanding or respect for anyone who chooses not to partake in the consumption of animal based products to a point where they are almost hostile with you. Well, that is my experience, I truly hope other people out there have had better experiences than I have over this.

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