Comment on “the island”

And now for something a bit different.

I don’t actually watch television but I do listen to the radio a lot.  I have heard a great deal about the television show ‘The Island’ over recent days and the killing of the innocent little soul on that show for no apparent reason other than ratings, sensationalism and press headlines.  I do feel slightly hypocritical myself even taking the time to type this on the subject as by doing so I am, in some way,  giving the show what it wants – more publicity.  However, because it is a subject so close to my heart I felt compelled to not just ignore it.

My thoughts are this – firstly, all killing, abuse, neglect or exploitation of any creature is wrong.  However, in all honesty, what I find most shocking about this particular ‘incident’ is the vast majority of the general public’s reaction to it.  Obviously, everyone who cares for animals, doesn’t buy into the animal abuse industry and is aware of these issues is totally up in arms about the situation – and quite rightly so, because it is abhorrent.

What I am a little confused over is the, quite frankly, rather hypocritical attitude of the vast majority of people out there – particularly those who eat meat.  Do they honestly not understand what meat is and how it is produced?  Do they not have the ability to conceptualize exactly what procedures are in place to produce meat and other related products on the vast scale they are demanded?  Do they believe the killing of some animals to be ‘right’ and some ‘wrong’ and, if this is the case, what is the deciding factor which makes it so?  Do they not understand the suffering, fear, trauma and cruelty involved in the meat and related industries?  Or is is that they don’t actually object to what goes on, it’s simply that they don’t want to be made aware, confronted with,  or reminded that by ‘buying into it’ – they are a part of it?  What sort of procedures do they believe delivers them their Sunday ‘roast’ or McDonalds?  In other words, they can pretend it isn’t happening whilst they aren’t presented with it directly.  As long as it is done out of sight – it can remain ‘out of mind’ and, most importantly to them – their conscience can remain clean!  Is it because this programme has brought it into their own front room and taken them out of their ‘comfort’ zone’, made them think about things they want to be able to pretend don’t happen or don’t exist – in other words the truth – is where their real objection is based?

Obviously, it is incredibly difficult to find anything positive in the loss of a precious life in such a barbaric and unnecessary way but I just hope that this appalling ‘crime’ committed against this innocent soul may have served some ‘purpose’ for the benefits of other creatures.

I hope it has made people think about many issues.  The suffering of others, the reality of that suffering, the ridiculous and depraved television programmes they are now being fed and the crimes committed against millions and millions of creatures all over the planet – their screams going unheard because they are silenced behind closed doors.

Oh well, had a rant now off for a run!

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