Just a quick comment as to my thoughts on Beyonce’s appearance on Good Morning America. I haven’t actually seen it but apparently she went on there to make a ‘big announcement’ – that being that she had struggled with her weight for years and she had now found something which worked for her – a vegan diet.

Beyonce has 2 things I don’t have – not trying to be funny there! – she has access to the biggest hitting media outlets when she demands it and on her terms and she has a reason which most people will identify with for following a certain diet (i.e., weight loss). Despite what some would argue the former is almost impossible to get when you want to speak on behalf of veganism – unless you are one ‘major player’ as she is and the latter is the reason I believe most people will be convinced to even consider a vegan diet (that reason being for their own benefit rather than that of others).

I just hope she now follows suit and stops wearing whatever fur, leather and other products it is that she wears or endorses and makes the connection between her life and health being improved and the way that can knock on to the rest of the creatures of this planet and the environment itself.

What I am saying is that it is not ideal perhaps but if I were stuck in a cage, in a factory farm, being exploited and harmed, living in fear and filth I wouldn’t care what were the causes behind the change coming, just that it came – and soon. Of course, I hope she doesn’t revert back to meat eating with a backlash against veganism as some have in the past saying ‘it nearly killed them’ or whatever, I hope she isn’t pictured wearing fur etc. and I hope she uses this as a platform to speak out for those who have no voice, I hope she brings up her little girl to understand how important it is to not harm others and the benefits all round of not doing so.

However, I understand this is not an ideal world and what I hope for doesn’t really matter and I have very little opportunity to change things in a massive way but this certainly has got people talking, thinking and considering veganism so surely that has to be good?

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